Download Akay Natural Ingredient’s white paper to learn more about Asafin, a natural, clean label granular powder for sustained-intestinal delivery

Hundreds of billions of dollars has been spent globally in an attempt to manage gut-related health issues. Gut disorders starts with changes in lifestyle, food habits, mental health (stress, anxiety) etc. Thus, there exists a great demand for safe natural solutions for the management of gut related disorders, owing to the side effects associated with the synthetic medicines. Following years of scientific research, Akay R&D has now come up with a unique solution, Ferula asfoetida oleo-gum-resin – a GRAS-listed Indian spice and Ayurvedic herbal solution for gut health. Ayurveda describes it as the best single remedy for digestive ailments, including children and pregnant woman. Modern science has identified many of its pharmacological effects related to various organ functions, in addition to its gut health. It is identified as a natural safe prokinetic to restore rhythmic intestinal motility.

Despite the approved food ingredient status and unmatched medicinal value, the transition of its therapeutic values have been greatly limited by its unfavourable organoleptic properties and gummy nature. Akay’s FENUMAT technology, employing the fenugreek soluble dietary fiber (galactomannan) prebiotic, transformed Asafoetida to Asafin® – a 100% natural, clean label, food-grade, directly compressible granular powder for sustained-intestinal delivery and efficacy as demonstrated by clinical studies.

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