Taiyo has received Informed Ingredient certification for Sunfiber®, Matcha and Teavigo®. The all-natural ingredients are now able to tap into consumer demands for third-party verification of safe and effective dietary supplements. This certification verifies that products have been regularly screened for a wide variety of substances prohibited in sports nutrition products, ensuring their protection and efficacy in athlete-specific formulations. “Informed Ingredient certification provides our customers with the additional confidence that when they use our brands in their formulas, they are not just effective, but they are also safe for athletes to use,” says Scott Smith, Taiyo international vice president. Informed Ingredient certification is deemed a convenience for customers who sell dietary supplements on Amazon because it is the first step in LGC’s Informed Choice certification. In addition to evaluating the raw ingredient and manufacturing process, Taiyo plans to extend the Informed Ingredient certification to a range of its other products.

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