Fenugreek is a popular kitchen spice and Ayurvedic medicine for a variety of health conditions including diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, hepatotoxicity, gastritis, and also for a variety of hormone-related health conditions such as sexual functions,

lactation, osteoporosis, PCOS, and post/perimenopausal discomforts. Fenugreek is rich in alkaloids, steroidal saponins, flavonoids and 4-hydroxyisoleucine. The present randomized-controlled study investigated the plausible application of a standardized hydro-ethanolic extract of fenugreek seeds (FHE) having a unique 3:1 ratio for protodioscin to trigonelline in the management of perimenopausal discomforts. It was observed that FHE at a dosage of 250 mg × 2/day for 42 days significantly reduced the discomforts, especially vasomotor symptoms and depression, and helped to attain a hormonal balance without any adverse effects or deviations in clinical safety.  More information about the study and about FenuSMART® in the following White Paper.

Download the White Paper here.