About Lithos Ingredients

Inspired By Nature


Lithos Group BV itself falls under the M.A.F. Group, which was founded in 1902. The history of the MAF Group begins in 1902 with Magnesite. Ordering a first load of this material, was the first step to today’s  MAF Group: Magnesiet en Amaril Fabrieken (Magnesite and Emery Factories). Ever since its foundation, MAF Group has remained a privately owned family business with their focus  on contract grinding of a range of ores and minerals far beyond magnesia and emery.

In the course of its existence, the MAF Group got involved in the distribution of all kinds of raw materials to business partners all over the world when various distribution companies (Lithos Group and others) were founded under the MAF Group’s umbrella. When celebrating the MAF’s 110th anniversary, the CEO stated:

“Although our  activities cover a wide range of fields, which do not always form a coherent whole, we have one  common aim: a satisfied customer. This was our principle in the past and will remain to be so in the  future. We will make every effort to continue to meet this objective. During many years we have  gained a lot of know-how and experience in our organization, which we always apply to be at the customers service” 

Today, Lithos Ingredients is a well-known, reputable distributor of well-supported, high quality active ingredients coming from firm and exclusive partnerships with manufacturers all over the world.

Quality for all

We are BRC Agents and Brokers – AA certified

BRC Agents and Brokers standard offers, for all those involved in the food chain, accurate indications in order to guarantee the safety and quality in the production. Lithos Ingredients is in the possession of the BRC-AA certificate and can therewith be expected to supply the high quality and care in food safety.
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We have organic certification through SKAL

Lithos Ingredients is a SKAL certified company for the range of her organic ingredients. Skal Biocontrole is the designated Control Authority responsible for the inspection and certification of organic companies in the Netherlands, within the context of Regulations: (EC) Nr. 834/2007, (EC) Nr. 889/2008 and (EC) Nr. 1235/2008.
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We are members of trade association NPN

NPN is the representative association for producers, raw material suppliers, wholesalers, importers and distributors of
nutritional supplements,such as vitamin and herb preparations. NPN is an active association of some 100 members. NPN commits to a broad arsenal of safe and active supplements, provided with adequate information.

We are members of FoodValley

Foodvalley is characterized by many world class innovative agrifood and food-related solutions in protein shift, circular
agriculture, food and health, sharing knowledge and ideas, and establishing connections. Foodvalley’s philosophy and the
defined “fields of innovation” fit well with Lithos’ desire to use its ingredients to contribute to a healthier society, to a
healthier society, of course in addition to healthy food, exercise and stress management.

We are members of the Food Innovation Academy

The Food innovation Academy (FIA) is the knowledge and innovation center of the food sector, located in Vlaardingen. 
Here, the business community and educational institutions work together to train qualified employees, create innovations
and close the gap between education and practice.
Above all, we are building the future of the food industry together.

What do we stand for

At Lithos Ingredients we endeavour to be a solution provider, offering answers to ingredient questions and concept development with the help of our exclusive partners and in-house expertise. We have a clear focus on well-documented and supported active ingredients that contribute to health and to more natural products. The quality of our products, our extremely high servicelevel, innovation, support, consultancy and flexibility are unsurpassed and all activities are carried out by a dedicated team of enthusiastic, high-skilled and friendly professionals. We strive at being appreciated by our partners for our commitment, knowledge, goal focus and the transparent and professional communication.