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Ingredients Plant origin

Inspired By Nature

Nature provides an enormous quantity of nutrients that can benefit our health. Whereas Asian countries have known this for a very long time already, the Western countries are now finally starting to appreciate nature for her nutrients as well. The choice in plant extracts and such is vast and the scientific background is impressive but the quality control of these ingredients-from-nature is essential in order to make sure that these beautiful ingredients are safe, reliable and pure.


5-Loxin® is a powerful, patented boswellic acid extract and provides a high concentration of AKBA, standardized to 30%, clinically supported for improvement of joint issues.


affron® is a new generation extract obtained from saffron stigmas (Crocus sativus L.). Affron® is a 100% traceable product from Spain.

affron® EYE

affron® EYE is a next-generation eye health ingredient from saffron, rich in strong and potent antioxidants that have been linked to the prevention of age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma. affron®EYE is standardized at 3% crocins.

Almond protein powder

Almond protein manufactured in California by Nutbutter Concepts, 58% protein, 15% fibre, clean taste, great solubility, 100% Almond Protein Powder, no additives.


AprèsFlex® is the next generation Boswellia extract with enhanced bio availability and bio activity of AKBA, targeting mediators of comfort and flexibility. AprèsFlex® improves in joint comfort, function and mobility.


AquaLox® is a water-soluble, neutral tasting Boswellia serrata extract with 75% AKBA, suitable for drinks, chewable tablets, shots, stick packs and liquids.


Asafin™ is an extract from the ferula assa-foetida (resin), with improved taste and smell and produced in a clean production process.


AshwaBEST™ is 100% ashwagandha root extract, standardized to 1-10% withanolides by USP-HPLC method.

ATURA Plant Proteins

Sustainable protein ingredients, backed with science and market know-how, available as protein concentrates (red lentil, fava bean, chickpea) and isolate (fava bean): high in proteins, GMO free, vegan/vegetarian, organic, clean taste and suitable for many applications.

Baobab fruit powder

Baobab is a source of numerous nutrients (vitamins and minerals and polyphenols), a powerful antioxidant and consists dietary fibers, about 75%, of which is soluble prebiotic dietary fiber.

BerryShield™ Powders

BerryShield™ Extract Berry Powders are stabilized powders with a broad polyphenol profile and uniquely improved taste, color and nutritional content. The BerryShield™ powders are available in 5 different powders: Blackcurrant, Redcurrant, Elderberry, Tart cherry, Strawberry.


BioAloe® is a powerful new ingredient from the leaf of the Aloe vera plant. With the highest immunomodulatory acemannan, completely organic, and sustainably grown.


BlaQmax® is a unique Nigella sativa extract, also known as “the seed of blessing”, with a high (5%) contents of thymoquinone. It is more powerful than other black cumin ingredients, patented and is low dosed. Available as oil and powder.


Clovinol® is syzygium aromaticum L. extract (cloves) and increases glutathione (GSH) and SOD levels


CurQfen® is a ‘new generation’ bioavailable and bbb permeability curcumin. Through the unique combination of curcumine with fenugreek fibre as its vehicle, protector and absorption-enhancer, our 100% natural and well-supported CurQfen® delivers high amount of free curcuminoids.

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Earthlight® Whole Food Vitamin D from mushrooms

Earthlight® Vitamin D is a Novel Food approved whole food Vitamin D, 40,000 IU/g which fits perfectly in numerous trends such as vegan, organic, clean label and whole food


FenuSMART® is a fenugreek extract (seeds) standardized at plant estrogen and contains a total amount of saponins of 30%.


Isenolic®, is an olive leaf extract, 4% elenolic acid


Kinexa™ is a patented synergistic formulated complex of three botanicals with a synergetic effect for healthy joints.



KWD+® is an extract of Green kiwifruit (Actinidia deliciosa L.)  with a high level of active proteolytic enzymes and actinidine.  KWD+® contains Aktinnamics® (especially Hydroxycinnamic acids HCA)

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