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Ingredients Plant origin

Inspired By Nature

Nature provides an enormous quantity of nutrients that can benefit our health. Whereas Asian countries have known this for a very long time already, the Western countries are now finally starting to appreciate nature for her nutrients as well. The choice in plant extracts and such is vast and the scientific background is impressive but the quality control of these ingredients-from-nature is essential in order to make sure that these beautiful ingredients are safe, reliable and pure.


5-Loxin® is a powerful, patented boswellic acid extract and provides a high concentration of AKBA, standardized to 30%, clinically supported for improvement of joint issues.


affron® is a new generation extract obtained from saffron stigmas (Crocus sativus L.). Affron® is a 100% traceable product from Spain.


AprèsFlex® is the next generation Boswellia extract with enhanced bio availability and bio activity of AKBA, targeting mediators of comfort and flexibility. AprèsFlex® improves in joint comfort, function and mobility.


AquaLox® is a water-soluble, neutral tasting Boswellia serrata extract with 75% AKBA, suitable for drinks, chewable tablets, shots, stick packs and liquids.

BerryShield™ Powders, high level of polyphenols, strong anti-oxidant

BerryShield™ Extract Berry Powders are stabilized powders with a broad polyphenol profile and uniquely improved taste, color and nutritional content. The BerryShield™ powders are available in 5 different powders: Blackcurrant, Redcurrant, Elderberry, Tart cherry, Strawberry.


Covico™ is the brand for innovative high quality coconut solutions, a range of coconut ingredients; coconut water powders high potassium content, coconut milk powders, coconut nectar.  Organic qualities are available.

Tart Cherry BerryShield™ powder, rich in proanthocyanidins, anthocyanins and phenolic acids.

Unique BerryShield™ technology, which is an innovative proprietary powder processing method that protectively envelopes the delicate berry components. TartCherry is high in vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and anthocyanins.
The high amount of anthocyanins provide the bright red colour that is associated with natural tart cherry. BerryShield™ Tart Cherry is a full spectrum ingredient, produced from the whole cherry.


CurQfen® is a ‘new generation’ bioavailable and bbb permeability curcumin. Through the unique combination of curcumine with fenugreek fibre as its vehicle, protector and absorption-enhancer, our 100% natural and well-supported CurQfen® delivers high amount of free curcuminoids.

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Kinexa™ is a patented synergistic formulated complex of three botanicals with a synergetic effect for healthy joints.



KWD+® is an extract of Green kiwifruit (Actinidia deliciosa L.)  with a high level of active proteolytic enzymes and actinidine.  KWD+® contains Aktinnamics® (especially Hydroxycinnamic acids HCA)


MitoActive™ is a special concentrate rich in the scientifically supported bioactive polyphenol-alkoid Ribetril™A, which is found only in specific varieties of red- and blackcurrants and provides more daily energy and a quicker recovery after exercise.


olivactive® is an olive leaf extract, source of elenolic acid and therefore might be considered as a potential source of promising antimicrobial agents.

Plant-A-Go psyllium husk

Plant-A-Go Psyllium Husk (Plantago ovata, Plantago ispaghula) is a soluble dietary fibre. Psyllium is a native plant and grows mainly in India, Iran and Pakistan where it is has been consumed for hundreds of years. The “husk” is the hull around the seed which is the functional part relating to its health benefits.


Slendacor™ is a patented and safe combination of three synergetic working spices, targeted for weight management, works by inhibiting the accumulation of fat into fat cells (lipogenesis) and enhancing the body’s ability to break down fat cells (lipolysis).


Sunfiber® is the perfect, invisible functional fiber: without taste, odor, 100% natural, fully water soluble and no thickening effect. Sunfiber® does not cause any side effects and is supported by numerous studies related to digestive health.


The Sunphenon® range, obtained from the leaves of green tea Camellia sinensis, consists of a line of green tea products standardized on high purity polyphenols, rich in green tea catechines. The effect of Sunphenon® is extensively supported with several studies covering multiple health targets.


Synapsa™ is a patented standardised extract of Bacopa monnieri for improvement of cognitive performance in a natural and safe way.


YASO® is a specially sprouted, non-GMO whole soybean. It has all the nutritional advantages and protein of the whole bean but eliminates the disadvantageous properties. Thanks to the germination process, it has the highest nutritional value among soy products and has a neutral taste, doesn’t give flatulence and is much better digestible. YASO® fits in a glutenfree diet.