Our services

Inspired By Nature

Market knowledge

Through our international partnerships, we do not only know what’s going on in the Benelux, but also in many other countries in the world. Hence, we can share market knowledge, international developments, international regulatory information and products containing our ingredients in other countries. 


Many of our standard ingredients are held on stock and can be supplied with short lead times. Our warehouses, we have separate ones for the organic and non-organic ingredients, are nearby and stock items can be inspected by us at any day.

Concept development and formulation advise

One of our strong assets is the ability to generate ideas through concept formulations focused on our customer’s development directions and targets.  Doing that, we lean on our partner’s and our own expertise and knowledge of the regulatory frameworks, possible interactions, claims legislation and feasibility.

Our value-added trademarked ingredients come with clinical research and extensive technical, legislation and marketing support.


We keep up with the latest developments, science and innovation through our extensive worldwide network and strive at introducing multiple new ingredients every year. The selection of new ingredients and suppliers is carefully led by a thorough screening of the ingredients, the manufacturers and regulatory frameworks in order to comply with our high standards. 

Multilingual team

Our entire team speaks different languages among them: English, French, German and Spanish.

Support & Service

Apart from the clinical research that supports our trademarked ingredients, all our ingredients come with a wide range of documents such as CoA, MSDS, allergen statements, specifications and all kinds of separate statements. Our partners are thoroughly screened to confirm their and their ingredients’ quality, reliability and safety.
All questions are answered quickly and all customers have their own dedicated contact person.