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Vitamins minerals and other

Inspired By Nature

Vitamins and minerals form a large group of nutrients with broad differences in effectiveness, origin, concentration and quality.


Novel approved aXivite® phenyl capsaicin is an analogue of natural capsaicin with a high purity, low dosage and excellent tolerance.

Synthetisch vitamine K2-MK7

K2VITAL® was the first vitamin K2 manufactured by an organic synthesis process, compared to the industrially fermented process. Also available in a micro-encapsulated form.


Sucrosomial®Minerals are a group of highly absorbable minerals with a lower likelihood of side effects and greater biological availability that use the technological innovation of phospholipid micelles (large,hollow spheres) made from sucrose esters of fatty acid (sucrester). They are available as: UltraMag® (magnesium) UltraMag®marine (marine magnesium), UltraCal® (calcium), UltraZin® (zinc) and Ultraiod® (jodium)

Vitamins and Minerals miscellaneous

Micro-encapsulated vitamins and minerals, premixes of vitamins and/or minerals, standard dilutions (triturations).

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