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Ingredients Animal origin

Inspired By Nature

We have unique ingredients from animal origin that contribute to the proper functioning of the moving device. The next generation of ingredients is ready with a well supported functionality and produced by the joint expert Bioibérica. With small dosages, impressive results are obtained in osteoarthritis, joint anxiety, pain and inflammation.

Natural animal ingredients for enhancement of the movement device from prevention to diagnosis and treatment, and through all phases of human life. An extensive line of innovative and scientifically substantiated ‘brand’ ingredients for movement.


BiovaBIO® is a novel approved, water-soluble eggshell membrane rich in natural collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and glycosamineoglycans, various proteins and amino acids. From various studies, the result showed fewer and less deep wrinkles, healthier hair and healthier nails.


BiovaFlex®, water soluble eggshell membrane contains the natural ratios of nutrients found in egg membrane like collagen, elastin, glycosaminoglycans and amino acids.

BiovaFlex® provides proven elemental building blocks to support joint health and skin health.


Collavant®n2 is native type II collagen extracted from chicken sternums. Type II collagen is the main structure protein in the cartilage, and provides tensile strength and toughness to the tissue.


Dermial® is a source of glycosaminoglycans with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid (60-75%), dermatan sulphate and collagen and helps to keep the skin nourished and hydrated.


Mobilee® is a natural extract rich in hyaluronic acid, polysaccharides and collagen. A patented ingredient with a unique composition, which has demonstrated that it improves joint mobility and muscle strenght.

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Tendaxion® is a proprietary complex specially designed for tendon health and recovery.

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