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Ingredients Fermentation origin incl. probiotica

Inspired By Nature

Ingredients made by fermentation have a high purity, constant quality, are free from PAHs, offer infinite production capacity and are free of pollution from nature (heavy metals, dioxins, etc.). They are also described as natural ingredients, made by humans.

ABG10+® (Aged Black Garlic)

ABG10+® Aged Black Garlic is the next generation garlic extracts made from a premium quality Spanish fermented garlic extract. The fermentation process gives an improvement in taste, smell, color and active components. Organic quality available.

BioEnergy Ribose®

Bioenergy Ribose® is the backbone of our ATP structure, making it essential to the production of cellular energy.
Ribose drives the process that replenishes ATP and other energy components so having sufficient levels of
Ribose in your cells is very important. Ribose is naturally present in every living cell in the body but the process
to produce it is very slow, especially in the heart and muscle tissues. BioEnergy Ribose® has novel food approval and can thus be used both in supplements and in food.


Lab2Pro® are superior coated high-grade lactic acid bacteria, with a protective layer and patented technology for optimal protection. The double protection ensures that the probiotics reach the intestines alive and adhere and multiply.

Natural Betacarotene from Blakeslea trispora

Natural beta-carotene is made by fermentation from the fungus Blakeslea trispora with all its’ benefits: high purity, suitable for vegetarians and vegans, infinite production capacity, safe and reliable.


Sunfiber® is the perfect, invisible functional fiber: without taste, odor, 100% natural, fully water soluble and no thickening effect. Sunfiber® does not cause any side effects and is supported by numerous studies related to digestive health.

Veri-te™ Resveratrol

Veri-te™ Resveratrol is the only resveratrol produced entirely by fermentation using yeast recognized as the “Golden Standard”. It is made using natural and sustainable feedstocks and has a stable, traceable and reliable supply chain. Veri-te™ Resveratrol marks a major step forward for the category, which has been dominated by resveratrol sourced from the extract of an invasive and environmentally destructive weed. The closed-system fermentation process avoids the possibility of environmental contaminants, such as Emodin and PAHs, and provides the desired consistency and purity (>98%) and is novel approved.

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