1310, 2021

Published Study UltraMag®

13 October 2021|

“Does the association of therapeutic exercise and supplementation with sucrosomial magnesium improve posture and balance and prevent the risk of new falls?” Results of this study demonstrate the importance of assessing magnesium levels in patient with femur fracture ...

2209, 2021

Supporting women’s health with Resveratrol – InfoGraphic

22 September 2021|

Menopause is a normal physiological process and part of the aging process in women. With increasing life expectancy, it is estimated that the menopause period will occupy one third of a woman’s life. It is well described that aging brings its own challenges to one’s ...

1309, 2021

New Study published on Sucrosomial® Magnesium – Ultramag®

13 September 2021|

A comprehensive clinical study has just been published on Ultramag® (Sucrosomial® Magnesium) in the field of rehabilitation of elderly patients with hip fractures. It was conducted spontaneously by Dr. Scaturro, physiatrist at the Palermo Hospital, and shows that hyp ...

209, 2021

FENU-C+ – Setting up a new benchmark in vitamin C delivery

2 September 2021|

Despite the very interesting pharmacological effects of vitamin C, its poor bioavailability is well documented. Though liposomal formulations have evolved as a recent strategy, supplementation of even 4 to 36 g of liposomal vitamin C have shown only a marginal enhanc ...

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