3103, 2020

Pharmactive launches olive leaf extract to support immunity

31 March 2020|

Olive tree leaves has been used in the Mediterranean area as traditional medicine in virtue of their healthy effects. Olive leaves (OLEs) contain higher amounts of polyphenols than those detected in the extra virgin olive oil and fruit. Studies have shown that olive ...

303, 2020

Bioenergy Life Science and Lithos partner up for D-Ribose

3 March 2020|

From today onwards, Lithos may call themselves exclusive partner of Bioenergy for the Bioenergy Ribose®. This monosaccharide received the novel food status in 2019 and may now be used in both supplements and nutrition in Europe. The ingredient regulates the natural e ...

1802, 2020

Taiyo takes over Teavigo® brand from DSM

18 February 2020|

For a number of years, Taiyo produced the raw material for DSM’s Teavigo®, which contains 94%-98% pure EGCg and the same quality was sold under the Taiyo brand Sunphenon® EGCg. In 2019 both parties agreed that Taiyo would take over the Teavigo® brand name and as from ...

702, 2020

Can Resveratrol Improve Mental Health?

7 February 2020|

Mental health is a recurrent topic in the news media. Celebrities and government agencies highlight the necessity of openly discussing strategies to alleviate the burden of mental health and the need to seek medical attention when warranted. Several campaigns have be ...