2807, 2020

FenuSMART helps with menopause: study

28 July 2020|

A standardized extract of fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) may help balance hormones and improve vasomotor effects and leg pain in postmenopausal women, says a new study in India. Link to article ...

2107, 2020

Download the TetraSOD® White Paper

21 July 2020|

TetraSOD® stimulates the defense of antioxidants through activation of Nrf2, the most important switch for antioxidants. That is how TetraSOD® contributes to a coordinated activation of the primary antioxidant systems (SOD, CAT and GPX), which helps improve many phys ...

1707, 2020

A Holistic Approach to Brain Health

17 July 2020|

The brain health category is one of largest, according to Julia Díaz, Head of Marketing at Pharmactive. Moreover, the growing awareness of the mind and body being connected, as well as diet and lifestyle are key factors to maintaining health and well-being, Díaz high ...