607, 2021

Asiros Nordic Launches Prebiotic Maltodextrin Alternative

6 July 2021|

Asiros, a Denmark-based supplier of concentrate powders and liquid extracts, recently launched an extensive line of BerryShield™ Juice Powders, which employ the use of an ingredient called Sunfiber® manufactured by Taiyo GmbH. The novel drying technology allows formu ...

607, 2021

Taiyo and Asiros to roll out premium prebiotic fruit powders

6 July 2021|

Taiyo, the German expert in natural dietary fibers, and Asiros, the Danish fruit powders specialist, have teamed up to develop and market a new high-fiber fruit powder range called BerryShield Premium Conventional and BerryShield Organic. The products can be enjoyed ...

207, 2021

Study: the effects of saffron on menopausal symptoms

2 July 2021|

Here is a study we just published on the effects of a saffron extract (affron®) on menopausal symptoms in women experiencing menopause. There were some very effects on mood-related symptoms. You can download the paper for free using the below link. Link to paper &nbs ...

1806, 2021

Making innovation meaningful for nutraceutical brands

18 June 2021|

Why nutraceutical brands not only need to keep innovation front of mind, but actively work toward it. Julie Wiebe, PhD, MBA, chief science officer at Nektium  | Jun 08, 2021   Defining innovation Steve Jobs said: “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a ...

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