1212, 2023

Future trends in fiber

12 December 2023|

Consumers are actively seeking sources of dietary fiber in their diets. According to the International Food Information Council’s (IFIC) 2023 Food and Health Survey, 25% of respondents said that “good source of fiber” defined a food as healthy, and 61% of respondents ...

712, 2023

Formulating with Fucoidan

7 December 2023|

Fucoidans are bioactive compounds found naturally in brown seaweeds. Maritech®​ fucoidans are the world’s only high purity, certified organic fucoidans with global regulatory acceptance. Read more. ...

512, 2023

Time for a smarter approach to adaptogens

5 December 2023|

Nektium scientists are working to better educate on the benefits of adaptogenic ingredients and improve classification, with a focus on two of the "hero" ingredients of this realm: Rhodiola rosea (RR) and Withania somnifera (WS). Read more. ...

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