Fenugreek extract Fenusmart developed by Akay may influence peri- and postmenopausal discomforts. In the first study, supplementation at 250 mg twice daily for six weeks improved vasomotor symptoms and depression with a healthy hormonal balance without any adverse effects in perimenopausal women. Compared to the control group, participants in the Fenusmart group reported improvements in hot flashes (26 percent), night sweats (26.5 percent) and insomnia (22 percent). In the second study, postmenopusal subjects reported reduced leg pain and inflammation, which is what Akay calls a “very important group of discomforts among menopausal women.” The fact that no adverse effects or abnormal variations in safety parameters were noted in both post and peri-menopausal subjects shows “the primary safety of the extract as well,” the company highlights.

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