The November Food Matters Live education program was packed with 100s of expert speakers across 2 days, with an abundance of insights, innovation and updates from global leaders.

Plus, exciting global Ingredient Innovators sharing the latest innovative ingredient solutions, and a panel of NPD experts, inside the popular Ingredient Discovery Spotlight Sessions.
An interactive place to discover and meet the latest ingredient innovators from across the globe.

Plus Ingredient discovery spotlights covering trends: sustainable, plant-based and better-for-you.
Like in the spotlight Rhodiolife®.


# Zaneta Adamczyk, Head of Export, BART

# Miriam Ferrer, Head of Product Development, Future You Cambridge

# Victoria Boyman, NPD Manager, Valeo Foods UK

# Jenny Logan, NPD Manager, Natures Aid

# Marianne Warnaer, Managing ~Director / CCO, WholeFiber

# Raúl Morales, Business Development Manager, Nektium

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