As the pandemic is still ongoing both in Europe and further afield, the scale of the in-person element of Vitafoods Europe is understandably different this year, in part due to travel restrictions still in place in some count

The pandemic has placed a renewed spotlight on the microbiome, with immune health and wider benefits for consumers from gut health products also a major focus over the last year.
Mood and mobility trend
Weighing in on hot trends for Vitafoods Europe, Lee flags that another area that has received increased interest over the past year is mental and cognitive health.
“The increase in stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic globally, due to changes or renewed pressures on our work, home, and social lives, as well as health. This has led to mental well-being and cognitive performance being more important than ever.”
Additionally, as consumers searched for ways to stay fit at home during the pandemic, opportunities opened up for brands to adapt to the emerging home-based active consumer – invigorating interest in an already booming sports nutrition market.

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